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Halloween Candy: TRICK or treat?

Let’s talk Halloween candy! Is it a TRICK or a treat???? 😀

halloween candy

I admit, candy is very tempting to me- especially bite-sized chocolate candy. Those small little candies just don’t seem that significant but boy do they add up quickly!  I mean, I could totally eat 1,ooo or more calories of it in one sitting. 🙁 It’s EASY to do if I’m not being mindful!

As you can imagine, I’m tempted in every way that you are to dig into my kiddos’ candy and snag a few of my favorites. I don’t alway resist the urge, but below are a few of the strategies I use to avoid eating ALL the abundantly available Halloween candy!

Here are a few strategies that I employ during this week of TRICKS and TREATS! Halloween candy be gone!

1. Don’t purchase your candy just yet! I LOVE to be organized and prepared, but having candy staring at me all week isn’t helpful. So, I’ll either have my non-sweet-toothed husband purchase candy and keep it at work or wait until Halloween (or the day before) to buy the candy.

2. I don’t buy candy that I love. 🙂 This is obvious. If your bowl of candy has all of your very favorite treats, how tempted will you be ALL.NIGHT.LONG?!? That’s a TRICK indeed!

3. *IF* I choose to eat candy, I pick my very favorite few pieces and then leave it alone. Set a limit of 2-4 pieces and stick by your guns!

4. Most importantly, I REMEMBER that candy is available 24/7, 365 days of the year. It’s not a special treat. You can buy it literally ANY time you please. This is BIG PICTURE thinking! Don’t allow the fear of missing out (FOMO) guide your decisions. You aren’t missing out of a Butterfinger or Twix. They will both be available November 1st. 😉 I PROMISE!

5. I have my kids sort their candy and pick out 10-15 pieces to keep and throw out the rest. If you don’t like the idea of “wasting” candy, you could also donate the candy at local dentist offices that in turn mail them to our troops.

Be kind to your body! Be smart this Halloween season! Be mindful. Have a plan in place (like the strategies above) to keep you on track. 🙂


I want to hear YOUR suggestions. 🙂 Head over to the facebook post below and COMMENT on YOUR  strategies to keep holiday eating in check! Let’s help each other stay the course!


Let’s talk Halloween candy!I admit, candy is very tempting to me- especially bite-sized chocolate candy. Those small…

Posted by Jill Jacobs – Lifestyle Coaching on Monday, October 27, 2014


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