Kristy Walters

I have been struggling for a long time to lose that last stupid 5-10 lbs that just wouldn’t GO AWAY. I have been eating and meal planning with the recommendations of Jill for just shy of 2 months and I’ve already dropped 8 lbs, but the actual weight, as it turns out DOESN’T MATTER to me anymore! I’m losing inches and my body fat % is down. I considered myself to be “skinny fat” before and now I am really leaning out and getting stronger which is pretty rad! Strong IS the new skinny!! Thanks Jill…still pressin’ forward 🙂 🙂

Kristy WaltersMom and Business Owner
Elizabeth Ward

Jill Jacobs’ coaching program WORKS! I am a busy mom, working part-time, shuttling my kids to and from their various sports, volunteering, and trying to keep the dog & my husband happy. I don’t have time for fussy diets that take tons of prep, nor do I have hours to spend in the gym. Jill’s own transformation was what I needed to get going. I have seen her go from a normal body to very fit and tone. Jill assured me that making a few lifestyle choices rather than “diet” would make all the difference. In my adult life, I have ranged from a size 6-18, up and down, but nothing permanent, nothing I could sustain. When I started using Jill as my coach, I was an average size, not severely overweight but heavier than I wanted to be. In 4 weeks, I lost 12 pounds and could see definition in my arms. Eight months later, I have only lost a total of 20 pounds, but I am the smallest I have been in 16 years. People keep commenting on how much weight I have lost, but it’s not really the weight; my body has transformed. I am leaner and tighter with more muscle definition at 44 than I was in my late twenties. If you need a simple nutrition plan instead of another diet and if you have only 30 minutes a day to work out, then Jill’s coaching is your answer. Jill is a fantastic coach, knowledgable and encouraging. I only wish I had started this plan years ago!

Elizabeth WardWife, Busy Mom of 2 Boys, English Teacher
Lauri Itson

The biggest challenge I faced before working with My Best Body was just simply getting started and not letting the guilt from not doing anything keep me from starting to do something. Being a part of the group was a great kick start and helped me to begin moving forward. One of the best improvements I saw in myself was the ability to overcome apathy when it came to my health. The accountability factor was huge for me and having coaches that were pushing me and constantly cheering me on was just what I needed. With a little one, going to a gym was just not something I wanted to put time into so being able to have that coaching through an online source was wonderful for me. Just know that if you sign up to be a part of this program you will receive the support, encouragement and knowledge you need to reach your goals.

Lauri ItsonMom, Wife, and Professional Photagrapher
Dovie Andrews

I want to recommend Ms. Jill Jacobs as a very effective nutritional coach. She has been able to help me this past spring and into the summer months to modify both my diet and exercise patterns that yielded measurable & sustainable results in just shy of three months. For a number of years, I have been on a journey to find a nutrition and health management plan that was “realistic” and based on more of a scientific or, at least, a proven track record versus anecdotal or gimmick driven hype with short-term/short-lived results. Jill was able to design a special plan for me and gave me constructive feedback to help maintain my progress. I had been working with a personal fitness trainer for several months prior to consulting with Jill. The first thing I learned from Jill is that I (or anyone) will never be able to counter poor eating habits with working out or exercise. This is where Jill came in and helped me to understand that a lifestyle change was necessary for me to achieve the weight loss goals and fitness level that I was looking for. She shared with me her many recipes for healthy eating. She helped me to plan good meals and tips for eating out. I have been steadily losing weight balanced by increased muscle mass/tone since I committed to making the necessary changes. I am so blessed to have made the decision to start with Jill and her program. I feel great and continue to progress in fitness and appearance.

Dovie AndrewsRetired Teacher
Dr. Erin Kalb Gilstrap

I never thought losing weight could be this easy.  Jill customized a diet plan specifically for me that kept me so full that I sometimes had to force myself to finish all of my food and I still lost weight! She has taught me not only what to eat, but also when to eat certain foods.  I have always had a generally good diet, but often felt hungry and wasn’t getting the results I wanted in the gym.  After following Jill’s advice I am now down a jean size, and am starting to see some muscle tone.  I’m so excited about all the progress I have made and continue to make.  I know I will make mistakes along the way, but with all the knowledge Jill has given to me, I’m confident that I will continue to meet my fitness goals.  Love ya Jill!

Dr. Erin Kalb GilstrapBusy Mom and Chiropractor

8 weeks into her lifestyle change, Stacy was down 11 pounds and over 16 inches!!!

“I’m excited about the progress I have made, and I want you to know that I couldn’t have done it without you. I know it is going to take some (more) time, and I am good with that. The tips you provide are very helpful in staying true to the plan (i.e. grocery list, healthy areas in the grocery store, weekly tips etc.).  Also the tips of preparation for food and things to do to help when I’m on the go and have a crazy day. All of this helps greatly. I don’t even have to use my list in the grocery store anymore because once I got used to the right way to eat, it made it easier for me to shop. I still have some to go but I can see the light, I couldn’t before.  I thank you and appreciate you and what you have taught me. This last couple of weeks I can really tell that the shape of my body is changing for the better. I have noticed my arms, tummy and leg area getting more curves from the muscle and less fat. I feel tighter than I have in months. Also my smallest jeans are getting a little too big for me. I have continued to make good choices in my food. We have eaten out more these past two weeks more than usual and had special events to attend also. Even though this has been the case, I have been able to take the nutrition education that I have learned from you and use it away from home also. I find I have to remind myself to eat now. Eating this way is very easy and I want to make better choices because I know what it is doing for me and my body.”


I appreciate so much all your help during this time of returning back to pre-pregnancy size. It’s been great to know that I can focus on nourishing my baby through breastfeeding & still focus on baby fat loss too! Thanks for your help with that. I never once had a real lack in milk supply on the plan. I thought I had a couple times, but the more I learned about the healthy fats (& Mother’s Milk Tea), I realized that they especially play a big part in my milk supply. I have learned a ton about myself during this time. I’ve also learned a lot about foods & how they affect my body. Never before had I really thought of there being a difference in weight loss & fat loss. Neither had I considered what time of day I should eat certain foods. I know much more about healthy fats & carbs now than I ever did. Whereas I will probably never eat as much protein as I “should,” I do see how it affects fat loss & hunger. I will say that I think I am forever hooked on the protein shakes. I never had them before because I always felt that I didn’t need those extra calories. I look forward to them each day & really enjoy them as a treat. Anyway, thanks again. I have enjoyed this & still am 🙂

BrandiHomeschooling Mom of 3 and Fitness Instructor

Mon will be four weeks I have been working with Jill. I know Jill is not a fan of the scale, but I still can’t help myself. I am down 10.5 lbs this morning. I have not seen this number in years. I just want to say thank you to all for the help, comments, and support! Have a great day!

L. Day

I can report down 10 pounds, more energy, less need for coffee. I look forward to my evening walks and gave away my biggest size in clothes to also slim down my closet! Thank you for all the tips and encouragement!!

E. J. Homeschooling Mom of Two

I am down 8 lbs. and 8 inches. I am not craving sugar which is a big deal for me.

L. B. Busy Mom of Two Teens

After 2 short weeks, I’ve lost 4 pounds and 12 inches and have gained energy and motivation that I CAN DO IT!! It’s been easy (once all food has been prepped), no guess work as to what to eat, it’s just there!

T. E.

Since working with Jill, I’ve had more energy than I’ve had since pre-pregnancy. I weighed 6 pounds less at my last check-up than I did at my first (pre-natal) appointment last summer. Making changes in what I’m eating and doing the workouts is making me a better mom, because I have so much more energy to just play and play and play. 🙂

A. T. Busy Mom of 2 Toddlers

I feel amazing and have you to thank for that. I’m so thankful I can begin raising my children with better habits and examples. Thanks so much for your help!

S. M. Busy Mom of 2 Boys

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