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{Guest Post} Got the nighttime or weekend binges? Here are 3 binge solutions to use TODAY.

I’m super excited to have a special guest poster today- Julie Stubblefield, founder of the Break The Binge program. Julie agreed to address a common issue among women, binge eating with her top 3 binge solutions. I get emails often from subscribers who state that *this* is their #1 struggle. I’m thankful to have Julie here to speak to this topic that she’s personally struggled with before losing and keeping off 70 pounds. (Woohoo!) She has been able to help hundreds of women change their bodies, relieve their minds, and heal their souls. Take it away, Julie……

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Does this sound familiar at all? You follow a diet perfectly for a few days and just can’t hold out any longer; the chips or cookies are just too tempting. Or maybe you do really well with food choices until dinner and then you can’t stay out of the pantry for the rest of the night. Stress, extra work, and a busy schedule are often to blame, but there’s more to it than that!

Here are 3 ways to avoid the nighttime binge. (This applies to the weekends, too!)

Are you eating enough? – If you are looking to lose some pounds, then you have probably changed up what you are eating. Most people follow a calorie model, and it really bankrupts your ability to fight cravings that lead to binges. Why? Because the calorie model forces you to look at your allotment for the day and fit alllllll your foods into that number. So instead of focusing on the quality of our foods, we start looking simply at the numerical value they have in terms of calories. From 100-calorie packs to low-cal yogurt, we spend our day counting numbers instead of really seeing what’s going in our bodies. Which do you think would hold you over for longer? A 100-calorie pack of cookies or a small apple? Yep. The apple.

What to do – Dare to step away from counting every morsel. Focus, instead, on getting in protein and veggies first. They are dense in nutrients but light on calories naturally. When you work on getting those in first, by nature, you have less room in the belly for fats and carbs. Those aren’t ‘bad’ but should fall lower in the hierarchy of food importance if you are seeking fat loss.

Are you sleeping well? – One night of poor sleep can mess with your ability to make clear decisions about simple tasks (ever leave the milk out on the counter?). Several nights in a row or poor sleep inconsistently can really do a number on your urge to binge. Why is this? Well, your brain is mustering all it’s focus to do things like drive, work, multitask. These are important daily functions. When it comes time to make a decision about food, there is simply less resources to draw upon.

What to do – If sleep is a consistent problem, you will want to address it with your physician or nutrition coach. If it seems to be a sporadic issue, then there are a few things to help you make better food choices. Don’t rely on caffeine to get through the day (increases cravings like nothing else). Keep snacks on hand that support your goals so no thinking is involved. Know where you will eat out on days when you are simply too tired to think. Put it on autopilot and go where you know you will choose the best you can. If you have the munchies at night, simply go to bed. It helps you catch up on sleep and keeps you out of the pantry!

How do you mentally interact with food? – Is food a reward after surviving a stressful day? Is food what comforts you when you feel alone? Is food your ally when you feel like you are at war with the world? If you answered, “Yes” to any of these questions, you are most likely relying on food as an emotional crutch. You’ve may have even convinced yourself that there is no way you could handle x, y, or z without a dessert, a glass or three of wine, or a bag of chips. This can be tough because your natural, go-to response in these and similar scenarios is to grab foods that don’t suit your goals, and they don’t solve the issue at hand, either.

What to do – While it may seem automatic to grab your binge buddy, there is a small delay in your brain between being presented with a situation and making a decision. Capture that small delay and take a pause. It can be 30 seconds or a full minute. Think about what you are doing. What is the purpose of the food you are eating? Will it nourish? Or will it make your body feel poorly? Does that food choice actually solve or resolve any issue you are struggling with? Many times that simple pause is enough to make a different choice. If you still decide to eat foods that don’t serve your goals, then perhaps you can notice a trend over time. This isn’t a quick fix; it takes some time and patience, and often support to help you navigate these food relationships. You are worth it; don’t give up!

In summary, dealing with the nighttime or weekend binge comes from internal and external feedback. You may identify with one or all of the situations above. Or you may be able to slightly relate but know it’s still an issue. Just like we have our own genetic makeup, we have our own unique dance with food. The goal is to figure out your personal rhythm and then take the lead.

Who the heck is Julie Stubblefield?


After spending 15 years in the diet-cheat-diet cycle, Julie Stubblefield was finally able to shed and keep off her extra 70 pounds. She is on a mission to help other women understand that changing your body doesn’t have to be a hate- journey, while giving them a community of support and comfort.

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