Hi there- I’m Jill Jacobs, and I’m an online, health and fitness lifestyle coach. Welcome to my site!

I’m a homeschooling, Christian mom to two boys and wife to David for 26 years! I value my health and the health of my family tremendously! My health hasn’t always been a priority, though…

After having my second son in 2007, I decided it was time to get to work on myself. That marked the beginning of my own transformation. I had become sick of feeling frumpy, tired, and frankly, just being out of shape. I attempted to get myself back into shape with *only* exercise but quickly realized that nutrition had been the missing piece all along. Through much trial and error and eventually the help of a nutrition coach, I finally figured out what works for me. Through these experiences, I learned that eating “healthy” didn’t always translate into fat loss.

I decided that to be able to help ANYONE, ANYwhere, ANY time, I should become a certified nutrition coach, spread the word that fat loss CAN be attained, and HOW to do so in a way that makes sense to busy women and moms just like me! I founded my online nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle coaching business to do just that! I had a deep desire and passion for helping women achieve their healthiest, fittest, and overall best self. 

I received my Level 1, 2, and 3 certifications as a Hormonal Fat Loss Nutrition Coach through Metabolic Effect (ME). I use what I’ve discovered for myself, the knowledge base I received from ME, and my own experience of having a nutrition coach to help clients meet their goals! Since I LOVE to work out with kettlebells AND love to learn new things, I trained for and received my Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification through Dragon Door, the gold standard in kettlebell training.

Adding to that certification, I received my Personal Training Certification from Metabolic Effect. Although different tools are utilized (kettlebells vs. dumbbells), both of these certifications teach quick, FUN, efficient, maximum-benefit-for-minimal-effort styles of working out… PERFECT for the busy woman!  The best thing that I can teach you is that being fit and healthy doesn’t have to take hours a day or be complicated, AND I can teach you all this through my online coaching program!

Thanks for visiting my website. I hope to get to know you better over time! I invite you to have a seat, peruse through the blog posts, and enjoy! If you ever have any questions, feels free to reach out to me at jill@jilljacobs.me anytime!

As for me, I’ll share with you a few of my very favorite things- a good cup of COFFEE, chocolate, hot baths, working out (favorite exercises are pull-ups and Turkish get-ups with kettlebells!), and my piggies in the sand at the BEACH!!!

On a daily basis, you’ll find me homeschooling my 2 boys while drinking coffee and wearing my “mommy uniform,” yoga pants.

During our leisure time, my husband, David, our 2 sons and I enjoy family hikes, beach vacations, watching college football, and playing with Kristoff, our Cavachon pup. 🙂

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Have a blessed day!

~Jill 😀

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