What a difference a year makes!

Today I celebrate 1 year of Jill Jacobs – Lifestyle Coach! To be more specific, one year ago today, I launched my business facebook page. I took a leap. I spread my wings. I soared into this great adventure…

What an experience it has been so far!! An exciting journey indeed!


There have been ups and downs and everything in between! Most people have been supportive and have cheered me on as I took on being a momprenuer. And of course, there have been a few naysayers. However, I’ve learned to turn off these negative voices and “just do my thing!”

I’ve had to make a major mindset shift to just be myself and ignore any negativity that arose throughout this year. I discovered that this mindset shift is similar to what it takes to achieve body change. Both take putting one foot in front of the other, making one choice at a time, and simply TAKING ACTION on what I know to do. That has helped me tremendously in my transition from being a stay-at-home-mom to a work-at-home-mom.

I’ve learned so much over the past year and have gotten to know some really neat people. I’d like to take a moment to reflect…

  1. Thankfully, when I started my business, helping others meet their goals was a passion of mine. Had it not been, I wouldn’t have made it a year! Starting a company is a LOT of work and takes so much precious TIME!
  2. Along the same line, time management has been something that I’ve gotten pretty good at this year. It was my weakness starting out but is becoming manageable. It’s still a work in progress as I juggle my biz, my home, homeschooling, being a wife, being a mom, and my personal interests like working out. 😉 It’s getting better each month.
  3. My family is super supportive! We’ve certainly had “growing pains” as we have adjusted to mommy working from home. Thankfully, their love and support of my venture have been above and beyond what I could hope for!
  4. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being in a Mind, Body, and Business Mentorship program with Jill Coleman of JillFit Physiques! Not only have I benefited from her coaching online and via phone, but I’ve met a lot of super AWESOME girls in the group that share similar goals as myself. It’s great to have a top-notch support network! As a group, we’ve chatted on facebook about business, fat loss, mindset, and collaboration. On top of these great discussions, I had the privilege to attend an awesome fat loss seminar, I had an incredible photo shoot, and I just finished up a really informative business retreat in Asheville, NC.
  5. Mindset is EVERYTHING! This applies to business and to body change. This is HUGE!!
  6. The most important aspect of what I do is HELPING others meet their goals. I wouldn’t be a business without my clients. Let me take a moment to express how I feel about them… 🙂


Yes, I LOVE my clients! They make my job worth doing!! They are such wonderful women who work hard, alongside me as their coach, to figure out their own fat-loss formula. Allow me to share a few things they are saying about their experience…

  • “Jill, you have given me a lifetime’s worth of knowledge on fat loss, muscle gain, and a positive body image. You are my mentor in nutrition.” ~Dr. Erin Kalb
  • “Having the accountability of the group is great…nice to have somewhere to be vulnerable and share successes and weaknesses.”
  • “Most days I’m stuffed but still losing weight! How great is that?”
  • “Short workouts are awesome!”
  • “I can say I’m not hungry at all. I eat 5-6 meals a day and I haven’t gotten the 3 pm crash I use to get. My workouts seem quick and effective but I sweat and I’m sore the next day. That tells me I’m doing something right. I look forward to the next few weeks to see the outcome of my efforts. ~Angie Stone”
  • “Little changes over time make a BIG difference.”
  • “Since starting with Jill and learning a whole new approach to eating.. Like good healthy food.. It’s totally broke my habit of sugar! I now can just get the smallest nibble of anything with real sugar in it and instantly I have the worst headache! So now knowing this, that nibble is not worth it, so it’s finally easy to walk away!”
  • “Lots of protein is awesome and make you feel better! Protein and veggies satisfy blunting the need for so many treats and cheats!”
  • “I am looking tighter and my clothes are fitting me better. People are starting to notice my “arms looking more toned”. Workouts are going great. I am getting stronger, I have been upping all my weights in both kettlebells and cross fit classes. I can do push-ups on my toes and I am deadlifting 200lbs!”
  • “With proper nutrition, hormones and cravings are under control which leads to fat loss.”
  • “Water intake is important.”
  • “I can enjoy meals and feel satisfied! No starvation diets here!”
  • “The next meal can be a fat loss meal…no need to wait til “Monday” ;)”
  • “A good night’s sleep is a great help in living the fat-loss lifestyle (Decreases hunger and cravings, increases energy and motivation!)”
  • You can see more client testimonies HERE and HERE.

On top of feeling better, having more energy, and eating plenty of food, my clients are losing body fat, getting stronger, adding muscle (looking more “toned”), losing inches, and fitting better into their clothes!! This lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated. 🙂

As I reflect on the successes of my clients and the success I’ve had at Jill Jacobs – Lifestyle Coaching, I can’t help but feel so much gratitude in my heart! I love what I do. I have a passion for helping others and spread the truth that fat loss does not have to be complex. I look forward to another wonderful and productive year. 😀

Thank YOU so much for being a part of my journey. Thank you for reading my blog. If you are a client, THANK YOU for trusting me to guide you in this aspect of your life. I’m sincerely honored and grateful for everyone (family, friends, clients, coaches, trainers, and all my mentors) who is a part of who I am today. I’m truly blessed!!

xoxo ~Jill

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