Jill Coleman

Jill’s expertise, experience and empathetic coaching style makes her programs superior in value AND effectiveness.

Jill ColemanBusiness coach, Co-founder of Metabolic Effect, Inc, and the owner of JillFit.com
Lori Musselman

Jill and Ink are two rock-star colleagues that know what it takes to succeed at taking your business online. They’ve helped me target my marketing and content creation toward my ideal client and helped to create a work schedule that I love. And best of all, they truly care about my success.

Lori MusselmanOwner, Lori Musselman Fitness & ACSM Personal Trainer
Maryalice Goldsmith

Inkeri and Jill will allow you the opportunity to grow a business you can be proud of. They have the perfect mix of compassion and take action when it comes to coaching. You can expect to be taken care of, guided, and held accountable in order to level up in your business and your life. You are most definitely in good hands when it comes to this duo.

Maryalice GoldsmithBusiness Mentor
Shira Nelson

Jill is one of the most honest and trustworthy women in the online space.  Her ability to balance her business with her family priorities is something only a coach like Jill can teach.  Not only has she built a tribe of women who know, like and trust her she will teach you do the same which is the most valuable piece of building an online business.

Shira NelsonLifestyle and Business Coach for Moms
Annick Magac

I have witnessed first hand the leadership and coaching Ink and Jill have shown with their clients. All I can say is- Impressive. Every client I spoke to related how positively Ink and Jill had affected their lives. Over and over again, clients remarked how kind, supportive, and caring Ink and Jill are. They love the fact that Ink and Jill coach in tandem, are available and approachable. Collectively, Ink and Jill are a wealth of knowledge in health, fitness, and online business. Through their years of experience, they have a special way of communicating information easily and supporting their clients individually within a group. Their coaching is powerful. I have seen the results people have had from Ink and Jill’s programs to lose weight, get fit and healthy, and grow their online businesses. Anyone who decides to do one of their programs will benefit both personally and business-wise. I would hire Ink and Jill in a heart beat.

Annick MagacAuthor, IIN Certified Holistic Health Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Motivational Speaker, and Designer
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