I admit that I’m not the best person to offer advice on running. It’s not my personal favorite form of exercise (except sprints, I love sprints!), but so many of you love to run! I wanted to find the best coach to share the top 5k training mistakes women make because they are so prevalent in the running world. When I first started running, I made the first 2 mistakes listed below. When I stopped making those mistakes, my 5k time went from 32:21 in 2009 to 25:32 in 2011 in the same race just 2 short years later! I even won my age group! 

Meet Shira Nelson, creator of the 12-week training program Running Beyond Baby

Hi. I’m Shira Nelson of MomBeyondBaby™.

Not only am I a mom of two, I am a runner. A mother runner that is! I am also an RCAA certified running coach, a hormonal fat loss specialist, personal trainer and a postnatal fitness specialist so I know a thing or two about this stuff :). In the past 15 years, I have run well over 200 races from 5K to marathons.

I spent years running because I wanted to lose weight only to end up puffy, overweight, and injured. I was insatiable, I had zero energy and my metabolism was wrecked. I’ve run the pavement, the trails, with a single stroller, and now with a double stroller but the difference is how I do running. How I train to be a mother runner. I am so proud to bring this program, Running Beyond Baby, to you.

Shira is no doubt THE one to trust with this running thing!

Take it away, Shira!

Aww, nothing better than a run. The endorphins, the “high” the clarity. All runners will agree that there is nothing a good run can’t fix.

5k Training Mistakes

Shira enjoying race day!

But what has happened in the running community is this urge to run long. To check long distances like 13.1 or 26.2 “off the list” just to do it.

Listen, I get the accomplishment. I have run over 200 races BUT I have also seen runners, especially women, make the same mistakes over and over only to end up defeated, injured and gaining weight during training.

Not fun.

Running is fun. It’s enjoyable. But let’s all agree that running only feels good when we feel good. Not when we are over or under trained, have nagging issues or are carrying an extra 15 lbs.

As an RCAA running coach and hormonal fat loss specialist that works specifically with moms, I have seen the same issues come up time and time again.

The Top 3 5K Training Mistakes Women Runners are Making (and what to do instead)

Mistake #1: Running more. Ok, so about every running app or training program tells you to run 3,4, or 5 days a week. Not needed. Running more, especially at a steady state pace is doing nothing but logging miles. When we talk about running for body change and exercising FOR our hormones running more is actually a detriment to our goals both on and off the pavement.

WHAT TO DO INSTEAD: Run 2 days a week. Yes, that is correct. Your running sessions must be specific to your goals AND focused on getting faster and increasing running economy. By adding “effort” sessions 2 times a week, you will end up much better off than if you ran 4 days a week at one single pace without a goal for each workout.

Mistake #2: Not Cross training OR cross training with running specific exercises. We are runners, we are very used to moving in the sagittal plane. AND we likely don’t need any extra cardio. Most running plans call for 2 days of XT without any specification of what that means so most runners turn to a cardio machine. By adding more aerobic movement to our schedule we are not doing anything for our running and body change will not happen. Yes, we might lose some lbs but we are not keeping lean muscle or getting tighter. We get softer and no one wants softer.

WHAT TO DO INSTEAD: Lift weights. More than your body, more than your purse and more than your toddler. Most runners are scared to lift weights for fear they will be sore or interfere with their running. You cannot get faster, stronger, or injury free without weights. It’s only a matter of time until you are sidelined if running is the only part of your training plan. If you want to improve your running AND see a change in body composition (#looklikeyourun) strength training must be part of your training program.

5k Training Mistakes

Left: Running countless hours          Right: Running less and strength training (WOW!)

Mistake #3: Running longer races without being efficient at a 5K. How many times have we heard of the runner’s “itch” meaning we run a few races and then immediately sign up for a half or full and devote EVERYTHING to training for it? (raises hand) Here’s the thing. There is nothing wrong with this, longer distances are great BUT only if you are an efficient runner and are already seeing progress in your shorter distances.

WHAT TO DO INSTEAD: Run a few 5K’s, get stronger and faster, and get the body change you desire and THEN add miles if that if what you want. Just remember most people’s ideas of a “runner’s body” is actually not someone who runs tons of miles a week. Most women want a tight, toned look that simply doesn’t happen from running marathons.

Great info on the top 5k training mistakes from Shira, right?!

Runners are told by the experts to run, strength train, foam roll, etc. etc. etc. but aren’t told how, when, or what workouts are best for runners. The wonderful thing about Running Beyond Baby is that it lays out exactly what to do every day. Shira gives you your entire plan with videos, training schedules, and so much more! Zero guessing! There are even three different plans for you based on your level. So much 5k Training Mistakesgoodness!

Running Beyond Baby is for you if:

  • You think you need to run more to lose weight, but have not had that experience, and just end up less toned, more hungry and a schedule full of hours of running
  • You want to run without spending hours training
  • You want to up your game on the pavement and get stronger and faster
  • You used to run before having babies and want to “get back out there safely”
  • You can’t seem to find the time to run because all you know is “run more”
  • You want to run without gaining weight
  • You desire to be a runner but not sure where to start
  • You want to learn how to run safely after having babies
  • You want a scheduled plan that fits into #momlife
  • You want to run for a body change (Yes!)

Running Beyond Baby will teach you how to run less, run stronger and change your body doing it! Plus, you’ll avoid these common 5k training mistakes.

Grab your program today! 

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