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The Moderation Myth

Avoiding extremes is a good thing.

That’s what moderation is by definition. Avoiding extremes. Extremes in nutrition are, on one hand, eating low-calorie diets like the HCG diet that has the dieter eating just 500 calories per day. The opposite extreme is free-for-all eating.  I think we all agree that both are harmful to your health.

Moderation eating falls somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. However, I believe that fitness professionals often misrepresent what moderation really is. This misrepresentation is leaving the “everyday woman” confused and believing something false. I call this the moderation myth.

moderation myth

The Moderation Myth

Many women who are into health and fitness have a few fitness professionals they follow and admire. They read their blogs and follow their lives via social media.

It’s fun to see behind the scenes footage from the pros, right?! These pros post every dessert the eat, every glass of wine they drink, and every morsel of less-than-perfect food they ingest. It’s fun to see that, sure. But it leaves women thinking, “If they can do that and look so fit and lean, then I can do that too.” <– There’s the myth or false belief. Here’s why.

Firstly, we are only seeing a small slice of what they are really eating. It’s easy to let the imagination run wild and think that everything they eat is *that* indulgent! This creates an unrealistic view of the truth.

Secondly, the problem is that a diet where you’re tasting lots of treats is a diet that leads to physique maintenance (and possibly weight gain). When you’re in “maintain mode” with your weight, you stay exactly the same. Many pros will tell you when they switched to maintain mode, they gained 10-15 pounds but can easily maintain that despite the additional treats. That’s great for them! BUT, it’s a fact to accept when you decide to maintain. You may gain weight because your body wants to be in an easy place to maintain.

Women watching these pros “eating moderately” are often women with goals. To reach goals with your weight loss, fat loss, and fitness, you have to move into “attain mode.” You need to eat in a way that helps you attain or reach your physique and fitness goals.

Women with goals to reach are the women I’m writing this blog post for.

If you are one of them, I want you to know that the journey you are on is your own. It’s different from those fit pros you watch from afar. It’s different from your sister’s journey, your best friend’s journey, my journey, or your neighbor’s journey. Not only are your goals and your journey unique, so is your metabolism, so are your preferences, and so is your body. You are unique and fearfully & wonderfully made!

Moderation Myth

The good news is that “attain” mode (where you’re trying to meet a goal) doesn’t have to be extreme, but it does have to be a bit tighter for the majority of us. It leaves room for fewer indulgences (note: I didn’t say no indulgences!).

It’s a time to take action and do things differently. It a time to enjoy and trust the process. It’s a time to keep your eyes on your own paper. Mind your own business. Stay in your lane and move forward.  You can’t compare what you’re doing to others. Comparison is a trap, a distraction, and steals our joy!

Comparison is the thief of joy. ~Theodore Roosevelt

Sadly, “all things in moderation” has become a cop-out for making unhealthy food choices and over-indulging. With fitness professionals perpetuating the moderation myth, it’s no surprise! We want to be like the ones we admire.

I fear that women see a fitness pro with a large plate of pancakes bigger than a basketball and think she ate every bite. We don’t really know. She may have had just 5 bites. Or one. Who really knows?

Moderation, to me, is being in touch with your body and what it needs to function at its best. A moderate person is careful to weigh the cost of an extreme choice.  How will it affect their goals? How will it make them feel both physically and mentally? Will it tilt them in the direction of over-indulgence and overdoing? Will it tilt them in the direction of under eating or not doing enough? Will it trigger other extreme behaviors or cravings?

You don’t have to view foods as “good” or “bad” but you need to investigate your body and your reactions to food and adjust accordingly.

In order to reach your goals, you have to get to know your body. It’s a process and can be a fun process if you look at it that way! I’ve been working at it for at least 7 years and learn new things about myself all the time and love that!

If you are looking to move into “attain mode” and lose 5-15+ pounds, I have just the program to recommend to help you achieve that!

Coach Amanda

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Since then, she has tweaked, adjusted, and improved the program until she could wholeheartedly say it was the very best program on the market. Her signature program is called FASTer Way to Fat Loss, and she is opening the program up to you!

Like Amanda, when I began experimenting with intermittent fasting and carb cycling, my results were incredible and the methods sustainable! Amanda took these concepts and created the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program based on strategies that help women burn fat, feel energized, and finally break past their weight loss plateaus. Amazing, right!?

If you are ready to bust through a plateau or move into an active fat loss mode, please consider joining this 6-week program! You will not be depriving yourself of calories but rather fueling your body with proper nutrition for your workouts. Hormonally, this protocol sets up your body’s metabolism to shed body fat! You’ll be working strategically with your body! Smarter not harder. 🙂

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