My Top 10 Tips for Navigating Social Events and Eating Out Without Gaining a Single Pound

Today’s culture involves eating outside the home often. Whether it’s dinner out with friends on the weekend, attending a holiday party or wedding reception, or simply grabbing lunch on your lunch hour with co-workers, eating out is inevitable. This can be a stressful aspect of living a “lean and healthy lifestyle” but it doesn’t have to be!

Good news- Eating out doesn’t have to increase your waistline! There are many ways you can make eating out work for your goals. 🙂 I understand that it’s hard to let go of the control that we have when eating in where we know each and every ingredient, but if you follow just a few simple guidelines, your social life won’t have to suffer!

Here are my top 10 tips for navigating a social event and eating out without gaining a single pound:


  • Do your homework – When you know ahead of time where you will be eating, take a couple of minutes to check out the menu online. Most restaurants have their menu items listed out on their website. Walking in an establishment with a plan is the best offense.
  • Skip the freebies – Many restaurants bring out a complimentary loaf of bread with butter, chips and salsa, or the like. Say “No, thank you.” Ask your server to bring out raw veggies to munch on if you really need something before your entrée arrives. Don’t place unnecessary temptation right in front of you! If you’re in a situation where this isn’t possible, focus on chatting and socializing before your meal arrives.
  • Avoid drinking your calories – Ask for water to drink. If you want a little flavor, add lemon, lime, or even a squeeze of orange to your water. Avoid soda, booze, and other high-calorie drinks. They add up quickly! If you decide to have alcohol, limit yourself to 2 drinks and avoid starches and fats at that meal. Alcohol is best consumed with lean meat and fibrous veggies.
  • Choose lean meat – Almost every restaurant has an option for a lean cut of meat. It may be a grilled chicken breast, boiled shrimp, baked or broiled fish, or even sashimi if you’re feeling adventurous! Always steer clear of anything fried.

    This is a “chicken sandwich” – hold the bun, please.” 🙂

  • Be choosy with your side items – Instead of the normal baked potato, rice, or fries, order steamed broccoli, mixed veggies, roasted asparagus, a side salad, or grilled zucchini and squash. There are almost always healthy side items available.
  • Remember the rule: “Fat over carbs” – Examples of this strategy
    eating out

    When eating Thai food, I skip the rice.

    are guacamole salad over rice and beans, bacon and boiled egg on your salad over croutons and bread, meat with cheese over meat on a bun, grilled chicken salad over grilled chicken sandwich, and veggies sautéed in olive oil over a baked potato. If you’re attending a party and a meat and cheese tray and mini sandwich tray are both being served, choose the meat and cheese even though the meat on these trays tend to be higher in fat (i.e. salami).

  • Order all sauces on the side when you can – Sauces and dressings can completely ruin a fat-loss friendly meal turning it into a fat-storing meal. Ordering sauces and dressings on the side allow YOU to be in control of how much you eat, if any. When ordering salad dressing, the best choice would be an oil and vinegar based dressing.
  • Stick to entrées – Appetizers and desserts add extra calories and are rarely fat-loss friendly choices. When you do order an appetizer, choose something like shrimp cocktail. Desserts are best saved for off-plan, cheat meals.
  • Watch your portion sizes – Most restaurant portions are entirely too large for one person. Split your meal in half and take it home or share it with your friend.
  • Keep good company – It’s important to surround yourself with people who share your values in all aspects of life. When you eat out, take along a friend or your spouse who is supportive of your healthy lifestyle. With time and practice, it becomes easier to eat for your fat loss goals even when those around you order things that aren’t on your plan. When you begin trying to change your habits, however, it’s important to seek out support from like-minded friends or even a coach that can cheer you on and answer all of your questions about changing your habits and lifestyle (see the bottom of this post for my top recommendations for coaching services).

There you have it. My top 10 strategies that I personally use when eating out.

Many believe that lean, fit people prep all their food ahead of time, portion it out for the week, and never dine out or even eat enjoyable, flavorful food. That is simply not true. It’s definitely possible to eat out, socialize, and enjoy food while eating for fat loss!

Trust me… I LOVE food and love to eat. I enjoy EVERY bite I put in my mouth. 😀

Head over to my facebook page and let me know YOUR favorite fat-loss friendly restaurant or a rule of thumb you use to stay on track while eating out!

If you’re wanting information about coaching services that I recommend, here is my current top suggestion to help you reach your goals!

FASTer Way to Fat Loss 6 Week Boot Camp that Utilizes Carb Cycling and Intermittent Fasting – HIGHLY effective program!

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Your program pricing does not go up, but if you register through my link I get a bit for referring you. Thanks for supporting my blog!
inner motivation
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“To-Dos” Don’t Matter if You Can’t Implement: 5 Steps to Sustain Your Motivation

Just a few years back, motivation was my MAIN struggle when it came to lifestyle change.


I was a new mom (again) with a small toddler and a child in grade school. One morning, I received an email in my inbox from an acquaintance (who is now a friend) who was starting a local running group at the park near my house. Since I really didn’t know where to start a lifestyle change, I thought that having a “group run” a few days a week would get me started with some type of physical activity AND hold me accountable. I decided to join in (and hoped to gain some inner motivation!)!


Over the next several weeks, I walked and jogged and walked some more until I finally worked up to running a 5k in just 2 months time. This was an exciting accomplishment!


inner motivation

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

What I achieved was getting started down the road to being fit. What I didn’t achieve were any stellar fat loss results. I didn’t know that cardio wasn’t the best way to achieve fat loss (see the image for the difference in weight loss vs. fat loss). Sure I shrunk in size a bit, but I still had flabby arms, a muffin top, and a less than desirable mid-section. I was a smaller, mushier version of myself.

 Then I found weight training!

I started hitting the weights and got slightly better results. It wasn’t until I ignored Tony Horton telling me to go light with 12-15 reps simply because I was a girl that I began to see true body change!!! 🙂 Instead, I started following his recommendations for MEN. Boy was there a difference!!

How I eat and exercise has changed a few times over the years since receiving that email from my friend, but exercise being a part of my life finally stuck. What changed?

I found my inner motivation!

I was tired of getting a little bigger each year. I didn’t like how my clothes fit. I had bulges in all the wrong places. Sure, I was active before I began to run. I liked to hike, camp, go on family walks, and more, but I was not a regular exerciser until I got to a place where I didn’t like the direction I was headed anymore. I was FED UP! I wanted to be a mom who was fit enough to play with my kids at the park. I didn’t want to end up with diabetes or heart disease (both run in my family). I wanted to feel better so I could get more out of life and be the best version of me!


Now that I can truly say that I’m living the lifestyle of fitness and fat loss, I often find myself in conversations about finding the motivation to keep up this lifestyle on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s a conversation with a friend or family member, and other times it’s an email question from a reader of this blog or even a client. When I’m asked about finding the motivation to get started, I have to tell you that I can’t provide you with that. I can lay out the best plan there is, guide you along the right path, give you all the “to-dos”, but I can’t offer intrinsic motivation.


Not knowing what to do and where to start can certainly squash any inkling of motivation in a person. I get that! Been there myself. Having a coach offers you an edge and provide you with some “to-dos”. A coach and the accountability offered in the coaching/client relationship give you a spark that will hopefully ignite your inner motivation (see the end of this post for my top recommendations for coaching). We all know those “fitspiration” pictures (see below) only last as motivation for so long! Ultimately, you have to dig a little deeper to find lasting motivation, because, without that, the “to-dos” will never be implemented.

inner motivation


Let me walk you through 5 steps to help you find YOUR inner motivation…


Step 1: Determine your “why?”. Why is it that you want to make a lifestyle change?

  • Is it to feel better? Don’t we all want to feel good? YES!
  • To move better? I’ve had so many clients and friends who make positive changes say how much better they feel. I remember one person telling me how awesome it is to be able to bend over and clean their own bathtub without losing balance. Who would think that any of us would get excited about cleaning bathtubs!!?? Once you lose that ability, it would be pretty exciting to regain it!
  • To gain health?
  • To look better? To fit into your jeans from college? 😉 (I get it! We are all a little vain, right?)
  • To set an example for your friends or spouse?
  • To meet a specific challenge or goal?
  • To set an example for your children? I believe this is the #1 reason for most moms!

Step 2: Write down your “why”.

Keep it in a place that you will notice daily. Maybe on a note card in the book you read each night or even stuck to your bathroom mirror. Reminding yourself of your why will help keep you focused on what matters most to you and make implementing the “to-dos” much, much easier.

Step 3: Reflect on your “why” daily.

This goes back to step 2. If you are keeping it written down and putting in a place you will see daily, you will be reminded often. When you are reminded of your “why”, take just a few seconds to reflect. Be introspective. Think about how you’re doing with your lifestyle changes without judgment. Just be real with yourself. Honesty is the best way to begin acceptance of your current circumstances and will allow you to move forward.

Step 4: Use Visualization.

Visualization is a powerful tool that many of us don’t utilize often enough. Try this. Close your eyes and visualize what it looks like in the future. Visualize how you feel when you meet a goal that you have set for yourself. Think of being healthy and fit. Pretend as if you have already achieved it. This vision gives you an emotional attachment to your “why” when you think about it. Think about success. Know that YOU WILL SUCCEED because you can see it and taste it.

Step 5: Think about the alternative.

The alternative to changing your ways is staying exactly the same. Are you happy with where you are in life? Do you like the example you are setting for your friends, family, and children? Do you feel good in your own skin? Are you happy with the status of your health and fitness level? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then great. If not, then the only alternative to changing your ways is to continue down the same old road that is not giving you the results you are after.

Assignment: Go through these steps and see if you can channel your inner motivation to get started down the road to a healthier lifestyle! Once you connect with your BIG WHY, the “to-dos” become essential and nearly second nature.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

I submit that getting started begins with the steps listed in this article. 🙂

Ready to get started? Here is my top suggestion for a program and coaching service to help you reach your goals!

FASTer Way to Fat Loss is a 6 Week Boot Camp that Utilizes Carb Cycling and Intermittent Fasting – HIGHLY effective program!

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Your program pricing does not go up, but if you register through my link I get a bit for referring you. Thanks for supporting my blog!

Why Getting Your Best Body Isn’t Even About Your Body

Do you ever eat an indulgent treat or meal and then feel guilty afterward?
Do you ever “beat yourself up” for missing a workout?


Do you ever have a really GREAT week of eating and exercise only to sabotage your efforts on the weekend?


Do you ever try to have just one bite of something “cheat-y” and end up eating the whole thing?

Yes. A hundred times, yes! I’ve totally done those all of those things myself, and it’s rough.

We as women have a tough time forgiving ourselves and moving on. I want you to consider this: that your thoughts and lack of self-forgiveness are both quite possibly holding you back from your best body, life, and self! Not forgiving and accepting the past (even if it was a few minutes ago!) and moving on is detrimental to your mind and ultimately to your body.

Our thoughts are so STRONG and affect us so much more than we realize.

Research in psychology has proven over and over again, that self-acceptance is a greater motivator for change than guilt, shame, and beating yourself up! Research gives you PERMISSION to be a happier person and STILL be able to move forward more effectively with your goals!  Isn’t that good news?

I don’t know about you, but using guilt and shame as a motivator ends up de-motivating me!

The answers to moving forward with goals and body change, all while accepting your current self, lie in your mind…in your thoughts.

not about your body

Mindset is the absolute KEY for lasting change. Without the proper mindset tools, we allow ourselves to slip back into old ways. We think that because we weren’t perfect in meeting our goals or doing what we said we were going to do “starting Monday” that we’ve failed.

Guess what? Perfection is a MYTH. It’s our arch-enemy. It keeps us down and feeling out of control of things. Expecting perfection makes us feel small and insecure because we know we are fighting an uphill battle, a lost cause. Being perfect is a BIG yet impossible job!

What’s the alternative to this “stinkin’ thinkin'” you may wonder? If being perfect isn’t an option, what can you do instead and still make progress?

I’d like to offer you a few tools as an alternative to being perfect and motivated by guilt or shame. These tools will come in handy on the road to your best body and life.

Like any toolbox, only dig out the one that you need and works best for you for the job. Don’t expect that every tool is right for you right now, but find the one(s) that resonate most with you and where you are on your journey.

I know that my most successful coaching clients latch on to mindset tools and that gives them the edge they need to ultimately succeed!

Here are some of my favorite mindset tools for you to consider for YOUR toolbox (and they are not about your body but how you think about your body):

  • Put the past behind you and control the choices that are in front of you TODAY at this very moment. You can’t do anything about last week or even 5 minutes ago! It’s over. Done. Move on! Press on toward your goal. Look ahead and not back.
  • Let good enough be good enough. Like I said earlier, perfection is a myth. Perfection is the enemy of good! It traps up in a place where we accept doing NOTHING as “ok” because we couldn’t perfect it ALL. Why do we pressure ourselves in this way? Who else on this planet do we expect perfection from besides ourselves? Keep this tool in your back pocket EVERY day—-> Let good enough be good enough!
  • Control the little things you can each day, and do the best you can in circumstances that are outside of your control. Trust yourself to make wise choices on the fly. Practice this skill at work, when you’re eating out, when you are at a wedding reception, when you go to a baby shower, or at a holiday meal with family. Anywhere you find yourself is an opportunity to practice and hone your skills and ability to make wise choices.
  • Keep a positive mindset! Avoid feeling victimized by your choices and/or blaming others for your choices OR for what food is available. This victim mindset will weigh you down. Instead, keep your mind positive, plan ahead for situations that you can, do your best when you can’t plan ahead, and if you’re ultimately unhappy with your choices, be forgiving of yourself and move on.
  • Focus on behaviors, not outcomes. You can never control outcomes, so it serves you best to mentally disconnect from the expectation of a specific outcome. As bad as we want to control outcomes, we can’t. When you focus on consistent behaviors, positive change will follow. If you want true, lasting change, you have to implement behaviors that lead to that change. I know, I know….  it’s hard sometimes. I totally get it! That’s why it’s important to take small, baby steps and not try to change EVERYTHING in one day. No one has the willpower to make so many permanent changes ALL at once! Instead, choose a behavior to focus on for a week or 2. My clients will often do this and find much more success than others who try to overhaul their whole entire life in a day. Some examples would be increasing your protein intake, increasing the amount of water you drink, walking 30 minutes 3x per week, fitting in some exercise, or focus on eating “x” servings of veggies per day. Pick ONE behavior and you’ll see the trickle-down effect. 🙂
  • Shift your thoughts around food. Think about eating foods that make your body feel energized and not sluggish instead of just focusing on what you *think* you’re missing out on. Do you see the difference? In the former example, you are thinking positively and living with joy and with self-care in mind. In the latter example, you are coming from a place of lack, fear, and scarcity around food. Food will always be there for you when you *really* want it. There’s no reason to eat food simply because it’s available at the moment and you fear missing out!
  • Indulge without guilt from time to time, but be a food snob when you do! When you do choose to indulge, do it intelligently and with moderation so that you don’t feel terrible -both mentally and physically – the next day. Life is to be enjoyed!  If you are living with guilt over food, joy will be sucked right out of you. This is why it’s important to balance your thoughts and your choices.

I hope you’ve found a mindset tool or 2 or 3 🙂 that can help you on your journey to your best body! I’ve found over the years that clients who embrace the “mindset journey” are the ones who are the most successful in the long run. They are able to change and shift their thought process which helps them embrace the journey of body change.

In health and fitness,

xo ~Jill

p.s. If you’re wanting information about coaching services that I recommend, here is my top suggestion to help you reach your goals!

FASTer Way to Fat Loss is a 6 Week Boot Camp that Utilizes Carb Cycling and Intermittent Fasting – HIGHLY effective program!

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Your program pricing does not go up, but if you register through my link I get a bit for referring you. Thanks for supporting my blog!
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8 Must-Do Steps for Achieving Your Best Body: Interview with Jill Coleman

I’m SOOOO excited to feature an interview with Jill Coleman from Jillfit.com. Jill has been a mentor of mine for the last few years, and I now consider her a friend as well. She has incredible knowledge and experience working with female clients in body change and mindset, so she is the perfect person to offer insights on achieving your best body! I asked Jill the following four questions and came away with “8 Must-Do” steps for achieving your best body in the coming year.

Interview with Jill Coleman

A little about Jill: Jill Coleman, MS is the co-founder of Metabolic Effect, Inc, and the owner of JillFit Physiques, a health and wellness brand, with a unique focus on mindset.


Jill’s 16-year journey in the health and fitness industry began when she got her very first job at a gym (just for the free membership!) at age 15.


Since then, it’s a been a whirlwind of education in exercise science and nutrition, fitness competitions, landing several national covers for fitness modeling and plenty of business growth. Jill’s work has been featured in SELF magazine, Family Circle, SHAPE, Women’s Health magazine, and others, and she’s currently a monthly columnist for Prevention magazine.


Jill lives in Winston-Salem, NC with her husband, Jade and is a huge advocate of rest-based living. Work hard, rest harder. She jet-sets all over the world for business and pleasure. Some of her favorite spots include the mountains of Asheville, NC, her hometown of Boston and plenty of trips to Los Angeles and NYC.


So yeah, you are in EXCELLENT hands with Jill when it comes to this topic! Here we goooooo! 🙂

8 Must-Do Steps for Achieving Your Best Body: Interview with Jill Coleman

Question #1 – I know you have vast experience working with female clients. For women just beginning their journey to a healthier and fit version of themselves, can you share your top 3 tips for getting started?

Jill Coleman: Aaaah! Such a great question! I think one of the biggest frustrations for those just getting started is the sheer amount of information they feel like they have to sift through to get an idea of what to do. It can be so overwhelming that they don’t do anything for fear of not doing “the right thing.” That’s understandable, but it’s also not helpful.

So my first recommendation is to choose one single coach/expert that you trust more than anyone else and start with their protocol or theory. Start with a single person’s advice and follow that through and see what happens. You can always learn and adjust later, but the key to get started is well, getting started 🙂

Must Do #1 – Choose one single coach, expert, or program to follow. Be consistent! This is your starting point.

The second step is increasing protein. I usually have all my female clients do this almost immediately, not because it’s some fool-proof fat loss magic, but because it does two things: 1) keeps us fuller for longer so that we don’t get as hungry LATER via balancing blood sugar and 2) it helps us maintain muscle, which is an important part of the fat loss process. The key when adjusting your nutrition or training is to maintain muscle while losing almost exclusively fat.

Must Do #2 – Increase your protein intake to grow or maintain muscle. (READ: toned look!)

And finally, the last piece of the puzzle for beginners is to choose exercise that you enjoy. Because if you love it, you will stick with it. I actually don’t care if it’s Zumba or what I did, which was begin with Step Aerobics in my living room because those things become gateways to other modes. You take aerobics classes, which arguably are not the *most* effective for fat loss and body change, but what they do is get you in the gym regularly and you’re more likely to then try a weight lifting class or mosey into the free-weight section of the gym. Your enjoyment is the gateway to greater health and fitness. Don’t worry about what’s “the best” thing to do. Worry about if you love what you’re doing or not.

Must Do #3 – Exercise in a way that you ENJOY!

(Note from Jill Jacobs: We discuss this must-do in my 14-day Motivation Makeover e-course. Click HERE to join the course.)

Question #2 – Many of your blog posts on Jillfit pertain to mindset tools. Tell us a little more about your personal mindset journey and how you came to be an expert on this topic.

Jill Coleman: Ha! I don’t consider myself an expert at all in mindset! What I consider myself is someone who has experienced a lot of ups and downs in my life (as has everyone) and the only difference is that I’ve stayed aware of them, and asked the question, “How can I use this to learn and get better?” Out of that question comes ideas, concepts, frameworks, etc, around mindset.

“Mindset” for me is simply how we *perceive* things in our lives — the fat loss journey, our relationships, other people, stuff that “happens to us,” the ups and downs. For me, I’ve come to realize that I want to choose a perception that serves me in every moment, which is why I choose to use tools like gratitude and giving myself and others the benefit of the doubt in situations. These tools help me stay in a more loving, open, positive frame of mind. Because the outcome is always the same — facts are facts. But the way in which I choose to perceptive that outcome (helping or hurting) is 100% up to me.

I spent many years choosing to be hurt and offended and “done wrong” by things that happened in my life, and I came to the realization that those responses were not serving me. They kept me small, scared, distracted, jealous, insecure and above all, STRESSED the hell out. And I don’t want to live like that. So I check myself, or rather my perception on a minute to minute basis every day. It’s a practice.

Must Do #4 – Check yourself and your perception. Do you have your mind in the right place?


Questions #3 – Let’s talk a little about aging, menopause, and fat loss. So many women feel they are fighting an uphill battle once menopause hits! Do nutrition and exercise needs change with age and /or with the hormonal changes that go along with menopause? If so, what changes or adaptations need to be made accordingly? Can “the change” really be fought successfully?

Jill Coleman: Great question! Women have a hard time of it. Because there are several things going on — actual physiology is changing AND the mental side of aging has a huge impact on our self-belief and self-efficacy. There’s a feeling of helplessness, which is completely understandable, and then the more helpless we feel, the less motivated we are to make any changes. It can become a negative feedback loop.

So, in terms of actual physiological changes, because estrogen and progesterone are falling off, you’ll experience changes in how your body looks and feels. Progesterone has a stress-protective effect in the body, so menopausal women will need to take extra care to watch their stress levels (both emotional/mental and physical), meaning things like leisure walking, sleep and eating frequently enough are important. Doing excessive amounts of moderate-intensity cardio can exacerbate the situation.

Must Do #5 – Pay attention to your stress levels. Take extra care to leisure walk and sleep to lower stress hormones. Avoid excessive moderate-intensity cardio which can raise stress hormones.


Also, menopausal women tend to need to go a little lower carb because higher estrogen states (like the first 2 weeks of the female menstrual cycle) allow for greater carb intake without the fat-storing effects. So with estrogen being lower in menopause, the offsetting is not as impactful.

Must Do #6 –  Eat the right amount of carbs for YOU and your body!


And finally, menopausal women (and really this begins early in life) should try to get and keep as much muscle on their frame as possible. Those coming into menopause with a greater amount of muscle will be able to stay fit, functional and at a higher metabolism than those without. So heavier weight training becomes important here too. You don’t have to go crazy with it, but at least 3 days a week for 30 minutes is key. And using a weight that is challenging.

Must Do #7 – Train with heavy weights at least 3 times per week for 30 minutes to build or maintain muscle.

In terms of the mental/emotional effects, this is completely individual, and as I’m not there yet, I can’t really speak to the mind of a woman going through menopause, but I would assume it’s like any other change in life — uncomfortable but also inevitable. So I would ask, how can I use my attitude and choose my mindset to create a mental environment where I feel empowered and grateful instead of helpless and insecure? Again, my tools are benefit of the doubt and gratitude. (Back to Must Do #4!)

Question #4 – Most people that know you, either in person or online, KNOW how much you love your indulgences like half and half in your coffee and drinking wine on the regular. How does a person begin to find that place of moderation and balance without packing on the additional pounds that we often associate with treats and cheats?

Jill Coleman: This is a process, and it doesn’t happen overnight. I call it “going from yo-yo dieter to automated eater,” and it’s a process in which you slowly move from expecting perfection with your eating to seeing that more moderate choices help you stay the course (and get better results over time) over the long haul.

And for me, the journey started when I finally got fed up with starting my “new diet” over every week for months on end because I had binged over the weekend. I call this the deprive-then-binge cycle and many women do it weekly. And so one week, I just didn’t “start over” on Monday — I simply tried to make choices that made me feel satisfied. I allowed myself to have protein bars and sugar-free chocolate or cheese on my salad and yes, cream in my coffee, even though these aren’t considered “ideal fat loss foods” — but I came to find out that going the ideal route turned into the binge-later route.

So I focused on taking the edge off earlier in the day/week so that I never reached a point of complete deprivation and thus, didn’t have to binge. I call these foods “preemptive cheats” because they are foods that are not considered ideal, but they are also not so bad that they’ll put fat on you. They are more neutral.

The key with these is that they help you *maintain* your weight (not necessarily lose) but they also increase your quality of life 🙂

Drinking a glass or two of wine each night doesn’t help me lose, but what it does do is keep me from overindulging in more and worse stuff later. And it makes me happy 🙂 Results are still important, but when doing things this way, you see that getting sustainable results is absolutely impossible without feeling satisfied every step of the way.

Must Do #8 – Employ “preemptive cheats” to avoid the deprive-binge cycle.


Head over to my facebook page or comment below with your biggest take-away! I hope you enjoyed this interview with Jill Coleman as much as I did!


xo – Jill



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My 8 Week Progress Report for #OperationRefocus

I just finished week #8 of working with my coach, Roman. Below is my current progress check in!

  • My Plan general overview from coach Roman: My November plan is still in play until further notice. I switched from the “insulin reset” phase to a “feast and fast” phase 3 weeks ago (more details below). My macros changed up a bit (higher carbs, slightly less fat than the first phase, and protein has increased).

The newest change brought a feasting period for 1 day each week. What that means is I can eat anything I want (preferably higher carbohydrates) beginning at lunch time, but I’m supposed to stop before I feel stuffed. I posted what I ate in the “my successes” section.

On the flip side of the “feasting period” is a FULL fasting day. :/

For the first 2 weeks of this plan, I feasted on Saturday and fasted beginning Saturday night until Monday morning at breakfast. The third week I adjusted my feasting period to coincide with Thanksgiving of course! 🙂

I’m working out a total of 6 days – 3 strength, 1 bodyweight circuit, and 2 cardio/HIIT style workouts. The style of workout changed from traditional strength training to escalating density training. This increases work volume and testosterone. All of this is great for muscle building and for fat loss!

  • My Successes: I’m very consistent with my workouts. As a matter of fact, I’ve only missed 1 workout in the entire 8 weeks. There have been a few times that I shortened a couple of circuits or substituted exercises at a hotel gym, but my consistency had been ON POINT. I continue to increase my weights in the strength workouts. My goals of getting stronger overall and stronger with my pull ups are definitely coming along!

I fully succeeded with my feast days. It wasn’t hard to do at all. Ha! You may wonder what I ate?!?

Well- The first week I had a normal breakfast for me, fajita chicken salad with chips and salsa, 3 slices of pizza for dinner followed by a donut and a package of Justin’s organic peanut butter cups. Yum! I had no GI issues from this. CELEBRATE!

The 2nd week I had IHOP for lunch (1/2 pancakes and 1/2 French toast with syrup plus eggs and bacon) then a normal dinner of grilled chicken and vegetables. For dessert I had 2 mini candy bars from my boys’ Halloween candy and a slice of creamy peanut butter pie from my favorite place. The IHOP meal gave me a tummy ache. 🙁

Then the 3rd week was Thanksgiving, so I just enjoyed all the plentiful food my family had available! It was so delicious, but I did get a slight tummy ache from the feast. BOO!

  • My Struggles: My biggest struggle over the last few weeks has definitely been the fasting period. With that said, I’ve made it all three times and ultimately felt fine. It’s gotten easier each week which is encouraging. During my fast, I’m allowed to have water, black coffee, and green tea. Once, I broke down and had a diet limeade to give my belly something to do besides talk to me. 😉 Basically, I feel physical hunger only a few times (under 5) during the fast. I ride the “hunger wave” and then it subsides. Of course the growling stomach hits on Sunday right in the middle of Bible class just in time to embarrass me! Lol. The good news is that I’ve woken up each day after my fast and been full of energy to crush my workout before breaking my fast. That part amazes me! I totally thought I’d struggle through, but no (to my pleasant surprise!).


  • My Outcomes so far:

Mentally, I’m stronger, more confident, balanced yet focused. Physically, I’m stronger too!

As for my overall numbers – I’ve lost…

  •  in bodyweight – 3 pounds
  •  in body fat – just over 1%
  •  in inches – 1″ from below my belly button, 3/4″ from my waist, and about 1/4-1/2 of an inch from both my thigh and upper arm, no inches lost in the other areas I measured (rib cage, hips)

The numbers haven’t changed from week 5, but I can see a difference in my photos. Let’s be honest though, I enjoyed my Thanksgiving to the fullest, so remaining steady is a great thing! I’m a day or 2 away from “shark week” so honestly, it’s not the best time to weigh and measure. 😉

Anyway, numberwise, my body is being a bit stubborn on me. I’m excited to get my next phase any day now and see the tweaks made to deal with this stubbornness. If my weight was staying the same and my body fat was decreasing, there would be no issue. That would actually be a great sign of body recomposition! For now, I’m holding steady which I’m ok with. I’m realizing that where I am right now is exactly where my body is perfectly HAPPY. To get beyond this point in the past, it took drastic measures that I’m not willing to do this go around. If coach Roman has a way to move me beyond this point without my losing hair, losing my period, and becoming an emotional wreck, then I welcome it. If not, I’m just fine where I’m at continue my pursuit of strength and meeting goals!

That’s it for now… I will post again in few weeks and letcha know what changes I’m implementing!

Post in the comments (or in the linked facebook post) to let me know what goals you are working on! I’d love to hear from you and cheer you on!!!

xo ~Jill